Beware: LHDN Might Investigate You if You Flaunt Your Wealth Online

MALAYSIA Beware: LHDN Might Investigate You if You Flaunt Your Wealth OnlinePublished 2 months ago on November 11, 2018 By Fadzly Hanaffi Source: Vice &: LDHN 812 SHARES Share Tweet Get the latest viral stories daily! Like us: Posing on the ground with luxe objects, holding the steering wheel of your expensive car or sharing your pictures of your latest exotic holiday, screams all the money that you have to the world. To some – they were born with it, while others worked hard to earn their way of life.

But before you join in the fun, be aware that your next photo on social media could land you a date with the taxman.

The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia or Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) will establish a special unit to investigate any individual or business owners ‘flaunting’ their wealth on social media.
According to the Director of Communication Division, Chief Executive Officer Office, Syarein Abu Samah, the unit will be responsible in carrying out further investigations before action is taken towards the individual or owner of the social media account. “Today’s social media is responsible in coercing certain individuals to flaunt their ownership of jewelry, expensive watches, handbags, automobiles or property.

“Through this special unit, LHDN will review these individuals whether or not they have declared their income and how far their wealth is at par with their records.” “Should there be any discrepancies, LHDN will issue a show-cause letter demanding their explanation.”

Syarein added that those who are not guilty under the LHDN Act should not worry about sharing their wealth on social media. “The actions taken by LHDN is not meant to burden anybody, but simply to ensure that we are fair to all especially the taxpayers.” Do not let this stop you from continuing to slay on social media flaunting your hard earned champagne wishes and caviar dreams!

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