New measures, including office visits, to curb fraudulent GST claims

Source: FMT / Bernama  – 


KUALA LUMPUR: The customs department has implemented stringent measures to minimise leakage in goods and services tax (GST) refunds and curb the submission of fraudulent claims.

The department’s central zone internal tax division operations director Ahmad Maher Abd Jalil said the measures include paying a visit to companies submitting claims to ensure that they really exist.

“Secondly, for claims that involve millions of ringgit, the company will be audited before the claim is processed,” he told reporters after appearing as a guest on the Ruang Bicara talk show produced by Bernama News Channel last night.

He said most traders involved in fraudulent claims were registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia.

“These traders will submit fraudulent statements to the customs department to obtain the refund of GST.

“We will track down the company owners and the masterminds behind this activity,” he said, adding that the department was now more careful in processing the GST tax refund for traders.

In the meantime, he said, the main focus of the customs department this year is to eradicate the smuggling of cigarettes and liquor.

He said they hoped that stiffer penalties for those involved in smuggling and selling contraband cigarettes would create awareness and discourage them from engaging in such activities.

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